Picture of MOROCCO 1 Santim-5 Dirhams 1987 KM82-93 UNC

MOROCCO 1 Santim-5 Dirhams 1987 KM82-93 UNC

7 pc. Coin set - 3 pcs. F.A.O.
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Catalog no., Denomination, Year of issue, Composition, Weight, Diameter:
KM Y#93, 1 Santim 1987/AH 1407, Aluminum, scarce, cat. value = $40
KM Y#83, 5 Santimat 1987/AH 1407, Brass, Series: F.A.O.
KM Y#84, 10 Santimat 1987/AH 1407, Brass, Series: F.A.O.
KM Y#85, 20 Santimat 1987/AH 1407, Brass, Series: F.A.O.
KM Y#87, ½ Dirham 1987/AH 1407, Copper-Nickel
KM Y#88, 1 Dirham 1987/AH 1407, Copper-Nickel
KM Y#82, 5 Dirhams 1987/AH 1407, Bimetal (Aluminum-Bronze center in Stainless Steel ring)
Grade: Uncirculated
Reference: Standard catalog of World Coins (Krause-Mishler) 

Pictured coins are for reference only. You will receive a similar coin set in UNC condition. Thank You !

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