Picture of BRAZIL ND(1954-67) 8 pc. Vintage set P150-185 UNC

BRAZIL ND(1954-67) 8 pc. Vintage set P150-185 UNC

8 pc. Vintage Banknote set
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Country: BRAZIL
Catalog no.,Denomination, Year:

P# 150a, 1 Cruzeiro ND (1954)                       
P# 157Ac, 2 Cruzeiros ND (1958)
P# 176d, 5 Cruzeiros ND (1964) 
P# 177a, 10 Cruzeiros ND (1962)        
P# 168b, 20 Cruzeiros ND (1963) 
P# 178, 20 Cruzeiros ND (1962) 
P# 183b, 1 Centavo on 10 Cruzeiros ND (1967)
P# 185a, 10 Centavos on 100 Cruzeiros ND (1966)               

Grade: Uncirculated
Type: Paper banknote set 
Reference: Standard catalog of World Paper Money/volume two 

Pictured notes are for likeness only. Serial numbers, prefix's or signatures may differ. Please refer to the catalog number. For multiple signatures of the same Pick number please contact us to confirm which is in stock.
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